UM Ripper Stripper  Strip-Till Subsoiler

Unverferth Seedbed Tillage

Tillage serves three primary purposes: 

1. Create a seedbed that warms quickly.  2. Provide optimum seed-to-soil contact for enhanced germination and vigorous early plant growth, and  3. Make it easy for plant roots, moisture and nutrients to move freely throughout the soil.

The Ripper-Stripper strip till tillage tool from Unverferth does it all in one pass - spring to fall - whether cutting through prior year crop or cover crop residue.

Here is the best part. The Ripper-Stripper tillage tool is your one-stop, strip-till shop with a large variety of tiallge, fertilizer and shank attachments to easily customize to your exact needs.


- Model 332 features Automatic-reset shanks that reset on the go for more time-efficient field operations. Shanks trip rearward and upward from a single pivot point, reducing rocks and other in-field obstacles to minor inconveniences, and trip pressure of 6,000 pounds per shank ensures a constant working depth

- Model 312 is equipped with shear bolt-protected shanks with a shear pressure of 7,500 pounds for use in lighter, obstruction-free fields

- Stabilizer wheels with new stubble-resistant tires for enhanced depth control and in-field stability

- Parking stands to facilitate storage and hookup are standard

- Standard 3-point connections fit category II quick hitch and category III standard, quick and narrow hitches - Adaptor kits for standard category II hitches are also available

- Available with your choice of high-gloss, powder-coat finish of tractor red or green

- Customize Tillage Shank Attachment Options:

    - Strip-Builder with Rolling Harrow Basket - Create up to a 15" fully tilled strip of soild ready for planting with two adjustable coulters           and 15" wide Rolling Harrow basket

    - Strip-Builder with Zone Firmer - Ideal for creating up to a 17" fully tilled and firmed strip of soil

    - Strip-Builder with notched blades and concave baskets creates up to a 15" fully tilled and firmed strip of soil. Features dual                         adjustable notched blades that resist soil buildup and 15" wide concave Rolling Harrow basket for building a small mound of soil

    - Stip-Builder with concave blades and baskets creates up to a 15" fully tilled strip of mounded soil for planting. Dual adjustable                   smooth concave blades and 15" wide concave baskets work the soil

    - Zone-Firmer with lead angled press wheels and 4 section trailing press wheel is ideal for closing and levelling the soil 17" wide                   behind the shank's path

    - Zone-Firmer with 3-section press wheel - Good for leveling and firming the soil with a 13" wide strip behind the shank

    - Stip-Builder - Width and angle adjustable coulters create up to 15" tilled strips of soild and close the shank's path




-Till and plant in one pass with planter lift-assist packages that include mounting arms and lift-assist wheels to connect to your planter for more easily raising and lowering the integrated unit. An available weight transfer kit for 12-row wide models provides added lift and stability

- Floating planter mounting arms are available to connect 3-pt., 4 and 6-row planters to your Ripper-Stripper tool for one-pass planting

- A lift-assist package for 3-pt., 8-12, and 16-row Ripper-Stripper models is also available

- Shear-bolt protected row markers with notched blades penetrate soil to leave a highly visible mark in a variety of soil types, residue and terrain - Markers for folding models are either bi- or tri-folding for compact transport

-The model 500 3-Pt. pull-type caddy with dual wheels and adjustable hitch height is available for up to 8-shank folding models

- The model 300 3-Pt. pull-type caddy is available for units up to 6 shanks

- A bolt-on pull-type hitch package is available for 6-, 8- and 12-row models, and it's easily mounted at the 3-point hitch connector with the transport wheels positioned behind the mainframe for greater implement stability and control

- For additional tillage shattering actions, wings can be mounted near the shank's points and are angle adjustable for customizing to your tillage needs

- Optional shank protectors enhance shank durability and are available in either plastic or steel styles

- Liquid fertilizer injectors mount to the rear of the shank add greater one-pass planting benefits and shank protection. Depth adjustable to meet your tillage requirements

- Dry fertilizer shank attachments feature shank protector plates and left and right hand mounting and are depth adjustable

- Rear-mounted adjustable-length pull hitch for towing fertilizer carriers behind the unit is also available. An optional hydraulic hitch height control eases towing concerns.